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and is preserved for historical value.
WARNING: The information found here may be considerably outdated!
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Installation made simple
These tutorials will guide you through installing Worms Armageddon (WA) and updating it to the latest version. Determine your operating system and your version of WA, then select the corresponding tutorial below.

Before you do so, however, check this page to see if you can use an automatic installer program that will do all the work for you.

Original CD on Windows 95/98
Original CD on Windows 2000/XP
Original CD on Windows NT/ME
Original CD on Windows Vista
Original CD on Linux, using WINE
Sold Out Software on Windows 95/98
Sold Out Software on Windows 2000/NT/XP
Sold Out Software on Windows ME
Sold Out Software on Linux, using WINE

Further support
Still having problems with WA? Try these: troubleshooting FAQ
Team17 FAQ for WA (horribly out of date)
Team17 support forum

Player's guides
Guides for playing Worms Armageddon:

In-game controls
Weapons guide
Map Editor guide
How to use WormNET
Mission walkthrough

Descriptions of some popular schemes:

Rope Race
Battle Race
Holy War
Capture the Flag
Bazookas & Grenades

Lesser known or less popular schemes:

Jetpack Race
Boom Race
Bungee Race
Parachute Race
Bows & Arrows
Walk for Weapons
Mole Shopper
One of Everything

Tech support: WormNET
If you are having problems connecting to WormNET, or people cannot join your game when you host, these tutorials will help you identify and correct the problem (if you already know what you're doing and just need the port numbers, they are: 80, 6667, and 17011). Select a problem below to determine what's wrong:

I could connect to WormNET earlier, but now I can't!
I haven't been able to connect since I installed!
When I host, no-one can join my game!
I can't join any games!

And find out how to solve it with these guides:

Configuration screen
Internal firewall

If all else fails, consider this third-party solution:


Third-party Programs
Improve your Worms experience with these useful third-party programs. Full descriptions and download links included.

Fiddler (powerful editor)
SchemeEddy2 (simple editor)
Running WA without the CD (using CloneCD)
TeamEd (team editor and feature unlocker)
WormKit (several tools in one)
wkMagic Map Wizard
MapGEN (random map generator)
Worm Map Maker (map-making assistant)
The Architect (map-making assistant)
Recorded game organiser
ReplayShark (recorded game "snippet" generator)

Further information
More information about WA:

Worms Armageddon Update - a list of features
WA vs. WWP - which is better?
Where to buy Worms Armageddon