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Bazookas and Grenades
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Best played on randomly generated open-island maps, the weapons in this scheme are almost entirely limited to just bazooka and grenades. Anchoring prevents worms from moving, except through the use of a blowtorch or teleport.

Players of this scheme are generally expected to abide by the following rules:

The bazooka must not be aimed directly at an opponent's worm,
Players must actively avoid letting a grenade come to a rest before exploding,
Players must not teleport next to an opponent's worm,
Players must reset their sight at the beginning of their turn.

The scheme relies heavily on skill, requiring accurate judgment of angles and timing for successful play.

Bazookas and Grenades (League version)
0-second BnG (Common version)


0-second BnG

Turns are 0 seconds long, requiring players to begin their turns by pressing the space bar immediately, then fine-tuning their shot while it powers up.

Sheep BnG

Crates are dispatched each turn with sheep in them (using the Sheep Heaven setting), which jump out when the crates are detonated, resulting in a violent and chaotic game, sometimes with impressive chain-reactions. As this scheme is taken less seriously, the standard rules are not usually enforced, but a new rule is introduced:

Collected sheep must not be used.