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One of Everything
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As the name suggests, this scheme contains precisely one of every weapon. Three rounds are required to win and anti-stockpiling is engaged. Best played with only two teams, so that the game isn't overwhelmed by more than two sets of weapons. Rapid flooding at Sudden Death prevents stalemates.

This scheme encourages the players to make the most of what they've got. Using the best weapons early on might give you an early lead, but it might leave you without the tools to do the job in later rounds. Each turn you'll need to quickly decide how you can kill the most enemy worms at the smallest cost to your weapons stockpile.

Despite the full range of highly destructive weapons, this scheme can result in a strategic match and the pace of play quickly changes throughout: early rounds tend to be violent and chaotic, while the final rounds see an interesting battle between vastly different weapon stockpiles, shaped by what the players have already used in the rounds that have gone before.

Sometimes if a round is destined to be lost, you can manipulate your opponent into using their weapons to finish you off, while saving your own weapons - giving you a better chance in later rounds.

One of Everything (Common version)