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Players start with no weapons and must collect crates to aquire them. The scheme requires significant skill with the ninja rope, as players only have a short turn time to navigate the map, collect the weapons, and attack opponents. The maps used must be indestructible, and contain plenty of open space with a roof, for easy roping.

Players are usually expected to abide by the following rules:

In any given turn, a crate must be collected before a weapon can be used,
The weakest player must not be attacked, unless other players are also harmed in the same attack,
Weapons must be launched from the rope if possible.

Shopper (League version)
Shopper (Common version; random worm placing)


The Shopper scheme has a few popular variations, which depend on the design of the map. The regular Shopper scheme is usually adequate for all variations, though some schemes have been tweaked to better suit certain variations.

Fly Shopper

The map contains a large obstacle in the center over which players must "fly" by launching their worms from the rope, to move from one side of the map to the other. A large part of the roof of the map is missing so that worms can fly above the map. This introduces a fourth rule:

In any given turn, players must fly their worm over the obstacle before a weapon can be used.

Chamber Shopper

The map has no roof and instead consists of five or six thin evenly-spaced vertical columns, that split the map into four or five chambers and require a little more skill to navigate that a regular Shopper map. The flight rule described above is sometimes enforced.

Wall-to-wall Shopper

A variation of the Shopper in which players are required to have their worm touch both walls of the map (at the far right and left extremes) or other designated walls before attacking. The relevant walls are usually highlighted with strong colours. The map is often simplified for speedy roping.