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and is preserved for historical value.
WARNING: The information found here may be considerably outdated!
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Configuration screen
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1. Identifying your external IP address

a) Open this link in a new tab/window and wait for the page to load.
b) Write down the IP address given.

If the site does not load, refresh the page or try again later.

2. Entering information into WA

a) Load up Worms Armageddon and bring up the main menu
b) Navigate to the network menu
c) Under the "WormNET" button, click "Configuration"
d) Enter your external IP address into the text box under "Your I.P. address" (include periods)
e) Make sure the box next to "Force IP" is checked

3. Logging on to WormNET

a) Navigate back to the network menu
b) Enter a name in the text box under "Player Information"
c) Click the WormNET picture
d) Double-click "Autologin" and wait

If you fail to connect, you may have a router or firewall (see other tutorials) or the WormNET servers may be down. If you connect but you are unable to host a game that other players can join, you may have a router or firewall.