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"I could connect earlier, but now I can't!"
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1. WormNET might be down

If you can't connect all of a sudden, it may simply be that the WormNET server is down. Check with friends to see if they can connect, and check this forum for new WormNET-related threads.

If WormNET is down, you can either wait for it to come back up, use this alternative to organise DirectIP games, or use WormNAT if you have it installed.

2. Your computer's server IP may have changed

If you have a router, that router might be set up to forward WormNET data to your computer. However, if your computer's internal IP changes, your router won't know where to send the data and you won't be able to connect to WormNET. Your internal IP address can change when you restart your computer, although I'm not really sure why.

To fix the problem, find your new internal IP address and access your router's settings page. Reconfigure the port-forwarding rule to send the data to the new IP address.