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"I haven't been able to connect since I installed WA or changed hardware!"
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1. WormNET might be down

If you can't connect, it may simply be that the WormNET server is down. Check with friends to see if they can connect, and check this forum for new WormNET-related threads.

If WormNET is down, you can either wait for it to come back up, use this alternative to organise DirectIP games, or use WormNAT if you have it installed.

2. You may have a firewall or router

In order to connect to WormNET you must be able to send and recieve data through ports 80 and 6667. If you have firewall software on your computer, or a router, it might be blocking these ports. See this guide and this guide for details on how you can correct the problem.

3. You may be on a company network

If you are using an office or university network, they might be blocking ports 80 or 6667 for security. Either contact the IT department and try to have the ports unblocked, or consider using WormNAT.