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Hysteria is a fast-paced scheme in which turns are only one second long. There is a small selection of weapons to choose from, most of which are infinite except for a single cow. Sudden Death floods the map rapidly and happens after only ten seconds, but because turns are one second long, the SD clock ticks down only when a turn is missed. The scheme is best played on random island maps.

Hysteria (Common version)

Themes & strategy guide

The jetpack retreat

Perhaps the most useful move to pull in this scheme is the jetpack retreat. You might be wondering why jetpack is even in the scheme if you only have one second, but if you can hammer the keyboard fast enough and drop a weapon, you will earn yourself a comfortable five seconds of retreat time to make a flight of your choice, with a little more control over your destination than a one-second teleport might reward you. The default selected weapon when activating the jetpack is the mine, so these jetpack retreats usually leave plenty of mines around the map.

The jetpack isn't just useful for moving. With a little cunning you can steer your worm right into the mines and push them about onto enemies. Mind your retreat time, though; if you run out you'll just land on the mine instead, much to everyone's amusement.

The jetpack also makes a useful suicide opportunity if you're using a low-health worm. Simply jetpack high above an enemy worm and press space to deactivate it, and let fall damage do the rest. One of the curious things about the jetpack is that no matter how fast you're going, you will always fall vertically when you manually disable it, allowing you to attain greater accuracy.

Of course the mine you place when activating the jetpack might also be a part of your attack. If you're piled with another worm, leaving a mine behind will guarantee a hefty damage with a timely escape from any counter-attack. If you're particularly adept at tapping keys, it needn't even be a mine - try dropping a petrol bomb or a cow instead.

Worm rotation abuse

Having fewer worms than your opponent needn't make things difficult. Try taking an enemy worm hostage by teleporting your worm right next to the last one to take its turn. Worm rotation will ensure that your worm gets another turn before his, allowing you to make a close-range attack. If the worm numbers are especially unbalanced, keep repeating this process and picking them off one by one.

This bastardly tactic can be somewhat countered by having all your worms near each other - though you might have to make a sacrifice if your opponent places his worm right next to yours.

Bringing on Sudden Death

Are all your enemies clustered near the bottom of the map? Are all your worms up top? Miss a few turns and you can make the SD clock tick down to zero, which will soon have the map rapidly sinking and drowning your foes. Better still, if they try to make any teleports to the top you'll be there to shoot them back down. This works especially well if you have fewer worms than your opponent, as it will be more difficult for him to stage a mass evacuation to the top of the map.

Know your enemies

Most games of hysteria eventually boil down to an exchange of bazookas and grenades between the few remaining worms. Accurately shooting your enemy at this point takes a lot of skill, and the most skilled players will probably win. So if you know who you're playing against, it might pay off to focus on killing off the strongest BnG-ers first, and leaving the weakest players behind for you to deal with at the end of the game.

Also, try conserving the full health of one of your worms throughout the game. The BnG scuffle usually takes place between distantly separated worms, because no worm is healthy enough to risk getting close for an easy shot. With the full health of 80 points, however, you might be able to chase a weak enemy around the map, safe in the knowledge you can survive a hit and return the favour with a fatal shot.