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Mole Shopper
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The Mole Shopper scheme is very similar to the Team17 scheme, in that players begin with only a small selection of weapons - basic close combat, and transport and construction tools - and must collect the rest from the crates that arrive each turn. Unlike the Team17 scheme however, the map is not a cavern and consists of a solid block of land that fills all of the available space, except for a few holes where the worms are automatically placed.

Because crates can only appear in vacant spaces, experienced players will attempt to dig and connect caverns so that they can access the most crates. Simultaneously they will be racing for the surface of the map where it becomes much easier to access crates and attack enemies.

The scheme is also notable for its high-power settings - virtually every weapon is set at a high power value, and often these values cannot even be reached in the internal game editor.

Mole Shopper (Common version)